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Rates on Deposits Certificate Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: February 02, 2024
Regular Shares, Christmas Club, Vacation Club, And Summer Club
3 Month Certificate *$100.00 minimum3.00Maturity3.05
6 Month Certificate$500.00 minimum5.00Maturity5.13
9 Month Certificate$500.00 minimum3.75Maturity3.82
12 Month Certificate$500.00 minimum4.25Maturity4.34
15 Month Certificate$500.00 minimum3.40Maturity3.46
18 Month Certificate$500.00 minimum3.45Maturity3.51
21 Month Certificate$500.00 minimum3.50Maturity3.56
24 Month Certificate$500.00 minimum3.75Maturity3.82
36 Month Certificate **$500.00 minimum4.00Maturity4.08
* May add to this Certificate. All dividends earned on share certificates will be forfeited if funds are withdrawn before maturity.
** Rising Market Certificate. Members may request 2 rate increases during the 36 month term. Rates are based on 36 month rate offered by the WEE Federal Credit Union.
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